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419 Hurricane Shoals Rd Ne
Lawrenceville, GA 30245
Phone: (770) 963-0465

Sep 29th - Very Disatified Tenant

I was so excited to be moving to Georgia. I came for my walk through with Emerald Property Management, this who rents this place out. Upoun my walk thru I say Roaches crawling across the ceiling and walls. I told the Leasing consulatant that I could not accept any Roaches and that if they could not take care of the problem then we no longer needed to proceed. There were also other maintence issues, no screens on windows, patio had no been clean off and the water heater would always leak. The management group was to cheap to purchase what was needed to support the pipes that ran from the water heater. The maintence guy did the best he could with what he could. From the water there was mold growing up the walls I was told oh just take a rag with bleach and wipe the walls down. My thing was you have to be kidding I just moved in. Two months had passed and still I saw Roaches. I kept calling to get this resolved they would bring me raid bombs every week. The Roaches here were so bold they would come out during the daytime hours. I never saw pest control so I started to enquire about this. I found in my lease that they do not treat for Roaches yes this was in my lease. I couldn’t believe it. They continued to lie to me about pest control no one ever showed up. I kept informing them that upoun my walk thru I was told it would be taken care of. Never happened. I asked to be let out of my lease or move me to one of there other properties. I was never told no but I was never told yes and I just kept getting I will take care of the problem. So I made the choice to move against my lease and they wanted me to pay. If you can deal with Roaches all day everyday than this will be a great place for you. the neighborhood is safe and quiet, I hated to leave for this reason but you open your front door roaches would crawl up the walls seriously. I would say Beware check you Lease and ask about pest prior to signing you lease. I had never had to live with Roaches in my life it was bad.

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