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Shirley Gardens Apartments

9306 Shirley Gardens Dr
Saint Louis, MO 63114
Phone: (314) 426-1888

Shirley Gardens

Shirley Gardens Apartment Reviews

About Shirley Gardens

Shirley Gardens is an apartment community located in Saint Louis, MO. The following apartment communities are located nearby:

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Apartment Credit Check

A credit check is a standard part of an apartment contract application. A credit report will show any liens, evictions, wage garnishments and delinquencies. Get a copy of your credit report in advance to dispute any issues before you apply. It's estimated that 30-50% of all credit reports contain serious errors that many people have no idea exist. The three main credit reporting agencies, from which you can obtain reports, are:

Few people have spotless credit histories. Don't worry, many apartments will still lease to you. Making sure that you are current with all payments at the time of application and pay off as many small balances as you can before beginning your apartment hunting. Otherwise, a larger deposit or a co-signer may satisfy your potential landlord.

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